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  • How do I schedule a pickup?
    You can download our App and schedule your laundry pick-up or simply log on to our website and click on Pickup schedule, or Call our Customer Support no (88733-88111) to schedule your pick up or you can directly visit to our Store at your nearest location.
  • What's the Turn Around Time?
    Average Turnaround time is 48 Hours for laundry and 72 hours for dry cleaning, 48-96 hours for other Home services, Express 24 hour service is also available.
  • How to reschedule a missed pickup/delivery?
    If you missed your pickup/delivery, you can simply contact to our customer support no (88733-88111) to reschedule it.
  • What's the minimum order size?
    Our Minimum order value is 400 Rs.
  • What Cities Are You Present In?
    Currently we are present in Bihar, Jharkhand, MP, UP, Kokata & Uttrakhand. Soon to open in other states as well.
  • What Are Your Store Timings?
    Our Store Timings are 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM. Thursdays are off
  • Is the Store Hygiene & Clean?
    Yes, in fact we take great pride in how clean we keep our stores. Please visit our laundromat to your nearest location to experience our most efficient Laundry & Dry-Cleaning process.
  • How to contact Washing Xpress in case of a query/complaint?
    You can simply contact to our customer support number (88733-88111) or write us at, we will be more than happy to assist you.
  • How do you process my clothes?
    From your doorsteps, your clothes land directly our laundromat nearest to your location, where our quality control team inspect the garments thoroughly and Garments are sorted by fabric, stain & color. All laundromats are installed most advanced Laundry equipment’s which wash and dry your clothes. We then either do folding or steam pressing as per instruction given by you during pickup.
  • Do You Mix My Clothes With Other People's Clothes?
    We understand what hygiene means to you when it comes to your clothes. We do not mix any of your clothes with those of others in order to maintain hygiene. We label each washer, dryer and laundry cart with your identifying information.
  • How Much Do My Clothes Weigh?
    Approximate weights of garments are 200-300 grams, it may vary depending on the nature of fabrics.
  • Do I need to separate clothes of laundry from dry clean?
    Our pick up riders have reusable laundry bags and you just need to instruct our rider to suitably about the segregation and rider will make two different lots for laundry & Dry-Cleaning of your clothes.
  • How do I give special instructions for my clothes?
    Be it a cold wash or antiseptic wash or adding of fabric conditioner, we have this all covered for you. You can also mention about any adamant stain and we can arrange special treatment for them. You just need to mention it to our pick up rider and he will write it down in the special instruction column in pick up receipt.
  • What do you suggest to tackle clothes which bleed out color?
    Some dark colored clothes have this tendency to bleed out color and white garments are most susceptible to adhering to this bled color. So we suggest not to give expensive white clothes in the lot for regular laundry. Dry cleaning of expensive clothes is always a better and safe option.
  • How do you accept payment?
    Payment shall be collected at the time of delivery of garments in case of Cash on Delivery (CoD) orders. You can also pay online through our App/ Website with many secure payment options.
  • How do I avail discounts?
    Coupon Codes are available on our website or APP of all current discounts/Offers. Also, keep checking your inbox regularly for exciting offers.
  • How do I Refer friends using App?
    Once you open the Mobile App, go to Refer & Earn section in Menu bar and find the unique Referral code. Click on the “Refer Friends” button at the bottom and share to earn some reward for yourself and your friend will earn some reward.
  • Do you cover my area?
    Washing Xpress is expanding incredibly quickly and we are adding new coverage areas every now and then. We currently serve in Bihar, UP, MP, Uttrakhand, Kolkata & Jharkhand within a defined radius from our outlets. To locate our stores, please visit “Store Locator” Section on our website & APP. To check if we are in your area, go to or download our app, where you can find a drop-down of the list of areas serviced by us.
  • Preparing for your first pick up
    Don’t worry about a thing, just have your clothes ready! Washing Xpress rider will bring The Laundry Bag to place your loose clothes in, so it helps to have them all together. Upon pick-up, please ensure you have received an acknowledgement of receipt of garments from our rider.
  • After Delivery
    Once your Washing Xpress rider has dropped off your order, we do suggest some good practices for aftercare. Firstly, take a moment to check through your order to make sure you are satisfied with everything – Washing Xpress offers a 24 hour Quality Guarantee so if you are unhappy with anything, you can get in contact with our support team who will look to resolve this for you. Feel free to give any packaging and hangers back to your driver. We can then look to recycle what we can and dispose of anything remaining rather than clogging up your house
  • When Will I Get My Laundry Back
    We try our best to ensure that your clothes get delivered to you at the promised time. All wash, dry and fold orders will be returned in 24 hours. In case we’re overloaded, TAT shall be informed prior to pick-up the order.
  • What chemicals and detergents do you use?
    Here at Washing Xpress, for laundry, we use most advanced German based laundry detergent under Brand of SEITZ & along with additives such as Fabric Conditioners, Stain remover, Fragrances and other standard over the counter detergents available in the market. Our detergents are certified bio-degradable and environment friendly. For Dry Cleaning, we use a new technology called 'Wet Cleaning'. Wet cleaning refers to methods of professional cleaning that, in contrast to traditional dry cleaning, avoids the use of chemical solvents, the most common of which is tetrachloroethylene (commonly called perchloroethylene or "perc"). Environmental groups and the United States Environmental Protection Agency have indicated that such alternative "wet cleaning" methods are better for the environment than perc, and proponents of wet cleaning state that these methods can be used without shrinking or otherwise damaging garments that typically require dry cleaning. Unfortunately we cannot take requests for specific detergents as both are automatically added with our high tech machinery. Secondly, we use most advanced Hydrocarbon solvent base Italian Dry-Cleaning machine for high quality garments, These machines are not only process the high quality garment with green solvent, but also helps to protect the environment as well.
  • Do you provide an iron only service?
    An iron only service has been a popular request here at Washing Xpress and so we have introduced an “Iron Only” service. However the charges for Only Iron Services are different. Please check our pricing in website & APP to get more specific details.
  • Do you clean undergarments?
    Yes we do. Your undergarment will be put into a wash, dry and fold service and shall be washed only with your load.
  • Do You Also Use Fabric Softeners?
    Fabric softeners can be provided on request.
  • Do You Also Provide Dry Wash?
    Yes, we do provide Dry Wash and Shoe Cleaning services as well. More information are available on our website & APP.
  • Can I Wash Comforters, Blankets or Quilts?
    Yes. Please see our charge sheet for further details.
  • There are still some stains on my item?
    Here at Washing Xpress, we pride ourselves on providing a top quality clean. Unfortunately, some stains can’t be removed even when we try our best and repeated applications of the chemicals can result in damaging the fabric. If this is the case, we will send the item back as it is. If you don’t believe the stains were there previously or your generally unhappy with the quality of the cleaning, please do get in contact with our Customer support team though our customer support section on the app or write to us at Washing Xpress offers a 24 hour Quality Guarantee so if you are unhappy with anything, you can get in contact with our support team who will look to resolve this for you.
  • Something in my order wasn't cleaned?
    On occasion, we will receive an item we are unable to clean due a number of reasons. On delivery, the item will be delivered back to you as it is. Some items are received with pre-existing damage which we will make a note of in our system. Cleaning these items can accentuate that damage so we don’t want to risk it.
  • How can I check the status of my order?
    You can view this in your main app screen in case there is an active order. When opening the app with a live order, you should be taken here automatically. In case you want to check your previous orders, please visit my order section.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    Sometimes you get sprung with other arrangements and that’s totally ok. If you don’t know when your next free, you can cancel your order and place a new one when you’re ready. Not sure how to cancel your order, follow the steps below: o Pick the active order you want to cancel on the main app screen o Choose the “Cancel Order” button
  • Can I check my order history?
    Your order history is available in the app. Open Washing Xpress app on your phone and tap on my order section– that will show you any open or previous orders. From here you can tap on an order and check your order details.
  • Can I change the delivery address?
    Unfortunately, we can only deliver to the same address as where we collected. It’s something we are working on so you can have a truly flexible and customizable service. If for any reason, the above is not possible, please contact our Customer Care team who can look to assist.
  • I can’t select the time or date I want
    If the times you would like to book for are unavailable or greyed out, it may mean that area is full or not available at that time. Please have a look on some other days which may also be convenient.
  • If the app is not letting you place an order or select dates for collection/delivery.
    Refresh the app by quitting and restarting the app. If the problem persists, go into your settings and clear your cache. You will need to restart the app again.
  • Can we have a regular collection and delivery each week?
    At this time we can't book a regular collection and delivery which automatically rolls onto each week so you will need to book a new order each week. However, we are working hard on this, so watch this space.
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